Today I Struggle

struggle for your dreamsEveryone struggles. No one is immune from it, no one gets a pass. Life is full of struggle.

Today I am struggling. I’m struggling with a step I have to take to take my business to the next level. To take me from amateur to professional. And I’m not ashamed to say that I’m struggling with fear and doubt. What if this doesn’t work. What if I fail. What if I invested this money and lose it. “What ifs” abound.

Struggle is a necessary part of growth. Nobody and nothing grows without struggle. We learn to walk by falling. We learn to succeed by failing. We grow physically stronger by exercise and pushing to the point where our strength fails. All growth starts with struggle. So while I get discouraged by it, I know that it is required to grow and expand.

Too often in my life I’ve let the struggle stop me in my tracks, both physically and mentally. For me, physical struggle is the easier of the two.  I can manage physical struggle. Mental struggle, emotional struggle… these things typically stop me cold. My current struggle is a mental/emotional struggle. I have to do something I am uncomfortable doing, without a guaranteed end result. But IF I want to reach my desired outcome, there is only one certainty. That is, if I DON’T handle the struggle, I’ll never get to my goal. So while one side of the coin is guaranteed (no struggle, no achievement), the other side isn’t (struggle, achievement). This is why I hesitate. I can put in the effort and work and still miss the mark.

So what am I to do. Take the guaranteed route of no struggle, no achievement? Or take a chance… struggle and strive and fight towards my desired outcome despite no guarantee?

I guess the real question is, what kind of life do I want to live? One of passive complacency, or one of struggling for my dreams.

I choose my dreams.