Fear Shall Not Stop Me


words-679914_640Ok. So it’s been a little bit since my last (and only second) post. Sorry about that (not that anyone is reading this anyway). I’ll try to do better in the future.

Today I felt compelled to talk about fear. Specifically my fear, and how I allow it to stop me from taking action. See I want to start a business. Desperate to. It’s just been something I’ve always wanted to accomplish. To have a successful business, but fear has and does always stand in my way.

Take a look at www.carpetcleantoledo.com. This is a business that was started by a friend of mine. Now get this. He literally started this business with just a website. No equipment, no way to actually service any leads that came his way, no registered company name, and no tools (accounting, payment, etc) to actually run the business.  He put up a website, filled it with content, put a phone number and a form on it and then worked to get it seen. He figured if the concept proves out, he can figure the rest out as he goes. What’s the worst that can happen? Continue reading

5 Useful Tactics To Stop Anxiety In It’s Tracks

739BBHC8KMOur mind is a powerful tool. If misused it can cause us no end of suffering. Our imagination and our emotions are very tightly woven. What we imagine can seem very real, and illicit very strong emotions, as is the thing itself was occurring.

If you are suffering from being anxious, try these 5 tactics to help release and alleviate the anxiety, and take back control of your mind.

Tactic #1: Pull a fast one on your anxiety by utilizing the other side of your brain

Anxiety makes it hard to think in a clear way, and is typically rooted in the left side of our brain. The side that’s creative, which makes sense since anxiety is caused by your imagination. This can lock you into a wicked anxiety cycle and keep you in your left brain;

One way to overcome anxiety is to force yourself to use your right brain. The side of your brain responsible for logic. You can engage this side of your brain by focusing on logical things. Counting your breathing, working on a math puzzle, questioning yourself about your anxiety level (on a scale of 1-10 my anxiety is where?). Basically anything that forces you to center your attention on a logical, scientific, concrete topic.

This will start to diffuse your emotional state and start to reduce your anxiety. Continue reading

Today I Struggle

struggle for your dreamsEveryone struggles. No one is immune from it, no one gets a pass. Life is full of struggle.

Today I am struggling. I’m struggling with a step I have to take to take my business to the next level. To take me from amateur to professional. And I’m not ashamed to say that I’m struggling with fear and doubt. What if this doesn’t work. What if I fail. What if I invested this money and lose it. “What ifs” abound.

Struggle is a necessary part of growth. Nobody and nothing grows without struggle. We learn to walk by falling. We learn to succeed by failing. We grow physically stronger by exercise and pushing to the point where our strength fails. All growth starts with struggle. So while I get discouraged by it, I know that it is required to grow and expand. Continue reading

Welcome to My Website!

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry there’s not much to see here yet.  Just got this up and running.  More content will follow before too long.  Maybe check back in a week or so.  Should have some more stuff up then.